World Scholars Cup 2018

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I think the most memorable part about the trip to Kuala Lumpur was the last night, the reason being is because we talked until 3am, about life, people. In general, just had a deep conversation that I would have never had if it wasn’t for that occasion. Another memorable moment is at the awarding ceremony when it was announced that I was going to Yale.
Florie Jos Colin (Secondary 1)

My Most Memorable Moment of WSC
When I went to compete in Kuala Lumpur, 99% of my system was flooded with nothing but fear. For a whole month I had studied until 4 in the morning, and I was wondering if it was really all going to pay off. I had so much competition to go up against. All that fear washed away during the last moment of the awarding ceremony, June 22nd. I was watching the qualifying countdown of champion teams, just waiting for my team number to appear. Then, as the 151st place appeared, it appeared with my team number next to it : team 482. I jumped up crazily and started crying. We really had made it. All the hard work and sleepless nights truly paid off. Finding out that my team and I qualified for Yale, that was truly the most memorable moment of my whole WSC experience.
Clara Delgado Novicio (Secondary 2)