Giving Back to the Community

The community involvement programme aims to encourage the students to be engaged with the community and become a life-long learner and influential leader as they learn to serve and put others before themselves.Head, heart and hand are the three components that we emphasize in the community service programme. Head represents the knowledge to be shared and the offered solution for the community; heart represents compassion and love to be shared to others; and a helping hand to reach out to the community.

Following are the Community Services provided by the school :

Preschool Fundraising activity for animal shelter Preschool division has worked together with Pejaten Animal Shelter to show care for the stray, lost and abandoned animals. Pupils are involved actively in the fundraising activities where all the proceeds are donated to the animal shelter.
Primary Environmental awareness activities, in collaboration with Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM) Primary Division has embarked on a Community Involvement Programme journey where pupils serve other pupils through caring for the environment. In addition, Primary Division has adopted Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM) as the adopted charity. In addition to the environmental awareness activities, the pupils also helped raise funds for KDM.
Visitation to orphanage and nursing home  Pupils have the experienced orphanages and nursing homes such as “Pondok si Boncel”, “Melania”, “Bhina Bakti” and “Sayap Ibu”.
Secondary In Secondary division, students are encouraged to do Community Involvement Programme within and outside the school community.
Thus, students will be able to explore the possibilities in engaging themselves in different scope of community.
Throughout the programme, students will prepare three components, which include the action plan, actual report and reflection.
Each Term, students need to be involved in the Community Involvement Programme, for a minimum of two hours.
Peer Support Program Students have the opportunity to help their peers and other students from lower level related to academic and non-academic subjects.
Friends of Library Students help the librarian to organise the books and contribute to the reading programme in the library.
Visitation to orphanage Students prepare an activity to encourage and support the orphans. The school has worked together with several orphanages such as “Rawinala”, “Sayap Ibu”, “Pondok Si Boncel”, and “Abhimata”.
Visitation to nursing home Students prepare an activity to comfort and interact with the elderly people. The school has worked together with several nursing homes such as “Yayasan Panti Werda Kristen Hana” and “Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia”.
Junior College (JC) Habitat for Humanity In collaboration with the “Habitat for Humanity”, a global non-profit housing organisation, Junior College students are able to contribute by donating and building a decent, affordable housing for people and families who are in need.
All levels Fundraising Activity (prepared by Student Council) Student Council runs an annual fundraising event that involves the whole school community from students, parents, teachers and staff. Everyone has a role to play, either as a committee member, a volunteer or a participant.
Throughout the years, the school has partnered with several non-profit organisation such as WWF, World Vision, Yayasan Pita Kuning Indonesia, and many more.
Christmas Outreach Christmas is the moment of sharing. During Christmas season, students will participate in the Christmas Outreach activities to visit orphanages and nursing homes.