Co-curricular Activity:

CCA at RCS, provides an essential part of our pupils’ holistic development and education. Through our CCA programme, we expose our pupils with variety of CCA options;  express their hobbies and interest; develop and excelling new skills; and extend their interest by discovering different types of CCA.

We offer both sports and non-sports CCA after school hours. The following are the list of CCA that have been running this year:

Sports CCA:

Basketball, Futsal, Kids athletic, Gymnastic, Badminton, Table tennis, Chess, Golf, Softball, Volleyball, Floorball

CCA non-sports:

Music ensemble, Coding club, Violin, Cooking class, Japanese, Art & design, Bible study, RMUN Society, Chinese culture, Origami, Manga drawing, Sketch, Digital imaging, Flag raising team, Cinematography, Science club, Raffles English Scholar, Photography, Brick4kidz.