Counselling Programme

We believe that a child’s character is important for their growth and development. By having a strong counselling program we aim to nurture and bring out the best from our students. Services that we provide are as follows.

Pre-counselling : Every student will participate in the pre-counselling programme. It’s a one to one programme between the student and the counsellor or the school psychologist. Through this programme, we hope that the students will get a chance to know more about the school.

Counselling : The counselling session will dwell on issues such as friendships, motivations, time management, etc

Career counselling : Given to Secondary 3 – JC 2 to show them the possible pathways and make realistic decisions

Interest test : Aims to Identify one’s interest to prepare pupils for their further studies

Learning styles test : Aims to identify the students’ different learning styles and to help them in reaching their maximum learning potential

Special intervention : Only applicable to students who require special programme according to their specific issue

Assessment : Personality assessment and Intellectual capacity assessment

Homeroom programme : Specific programme that addresses specific issues which students might encounter. These include bullying prevention, knowing boundaries, knowing oneself, etc

Interactive seminar (For both students and parents)

  • Sex education by professional doctor and psychologist. Open only for Secondary and JC students
  • Stress management by school psychologist
  • Anti-bullying by experienced psychologist
  • Personal hygiene by trained doctor Secondary and JC students