Reliving the Transformative JC Learning Journey at Raffles Christian School Pondok Indah

🌿🎶✨ Reliving the Transformative JC Learning Journey at Raffles Christian School Pondok Indah! 🌴📚🌊

From 3 – 6 March 2024, our Junior College students embarked on a remarkable learning journey to Bali, Indonesia! 🇮🇩✈️ Here’s a glimpse into the enriching experiences that awaited them:

🌱 Environmental Sustainability:
They explored Desa Penglipuran, embracing the intertwined relationship between nature and community. Witnessing the harmonious balance at this sustainable eco-village left them in awe!

🌊 Beach Cleanup:
Hands-on engagement in a beach or community cleanup highlighted the importance of personal responsibility in preserving our natural environment. Every action counts towards a greener tomorrow!

🎶 Balinese Culture:
Our students delved into the beauty of Balinese traditions through traditional dance and music workshops. The artistry and heritage behind each movement and note resonated deeply with them.

💼 Economic Resilience:
In Kusamba Village, they immersed themselves in the economic resilience of local businesses through activities like traditional salt making. Learning about sustainable practices firsthand was truly eye-opening!

🔆 Guiding Principles:
A leadership workshop by Youthtopia, Bali, empowered our students with leadership qualities aligned with the guiding principles of Pancasila. They emerged with a sense of responsibility and ethical decision-making skills.

This unforgettable Learning Journey united students from Junior College 1 and 2, fostering holistic awareness and appreciation for cultural heritage, economic dynamics, and environmental stewardship. Their experiences in Bali will continue to inspire and shape their global perspectives. 🙌📖🤝

Raffles Christian School Pondok Indah Primary 3 & 4 On-Campus Camping Experience

Raffles Christian School Pondok Indah Primary 3 & 4 On-Campus Camping Experience! 🏕🌟

Our Primary 3 & 4 students embarked on an exciting and educational journey with an on-campus camping adventure on 8th March 2024. 🌲🔦 From team-building activities to cooking dinner together, our primary students learned the value of being involved and developed a sense of camaraderie with everyone who joined the camp. Here’s a glimpse of their enriching experience:

🔹 Camp briefing & team-building fun
🔹 Pitching tents like seasoned campers
🔹 First Aid demo & application
🔹 Cooking up a storm & cleanup duty
🔹 Campfire stories & bonding activities
🔹 Reflecting on the day’s adventures

Educational Objectives Achieved:
📚 Building community spirit
🌟 Fostering independence & responsibility
👫 Collaborating effectively with peers
🎒 Applying classroom concepts in real-life scenarios
🧠 Enhancing problem-solving skills
🤝 Strengthening bonds through outdoor activities

Thank you to all parents for supporting this memorable learning journey with your children. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from RCS Pondok Indah! 🌈✨

East Java Learning Journey Testimonial

🌟East Java Learning Journey Testimonial 🌟

“🌿 Reflecting on the unforgettable East Java Learning Journey by Raffles Group of Schools! Proud to see our students immerse themselves in experiential learning and blossoming into well-rounded individuals.