Upper Primary Learning Journey

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On the 2nd of February, we, the P4 pupils, had our learning journey at Citra Alam Lakeside.

Everyone was anticipating as to what we would discover and learn. We were instructed to be in school earlier than usual since the place is not that near from school. We were excited since we did not have any idea of what to expect for the day. Although we were given instructions on what to do in our learning journey, we were still excited since this is the first time that we will be exposed to pottery making.

On our way to Citra Alam Lakeside, each group finalized their plan of action for their project in Science. We were armed with the questions to confirm whatever information we were able to collect before our learning journey.

We were welcomed by the staff af Citra Alam Lakeside. We were given a tour of the place and was shown the various stations of learning and interests of the place.

After our tour of the place, we were asked to be ready for the pottery making activity. Our lecturer explained the importance of pottery making. He mentioned that if we want to keep the good taste of our food, we should advise our moms and friends to use clay pots and pans in cooking our food. Also, he said that we will have save Mother Earth if people will stop using metal and plastic.

For people who are interested in pottery making and are willing to make things using their hands, Citra Alam Lakeside’s pottery making activity is a great place to spend a weekend with your family and friends. The program of Citra Alam Lakeside for pottery making is very informative and educational. Add fun to it and your weekend of pottery making could be a learning journey.

Diana, Joanne and Alexa – P4

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Last February 2nd 2018, the P5 pupils went to Cimory Riverside in Puncak. We departed from school at 7:30 and arrived back to school at 2:30 PM. I was very thrilled about going there. It was very exciting and great to go there. We saw and learned many things from that trip. We saw many kinds of magnificent birds and other animals. It was an exhausting trip but it was worth it. It was very educational. It was one of the best learning journeys I’ve ever had.

Audrie – P5C

On 2nd of February, Friday, I went to Cimory Riverside in Puncak fot this year’s Learning journey. I had a lot of fun during this trip. My favourite part of the learning journey is when we visited the animals. I loved this part because I am an animal lover and I have never seen before now the animals that they have in their mini zoo. My least favourite part is when we had to milk the cow because it looked and felt uncomfortable for both the cow and I. All in all, it was a memorable and meaningful learning experience. I will definitely visit Cimory again.

Adellyn – P5B