Learning Journey to Japan

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As part of the school’s commitment to nurture Rafflesians to become active and lifelong learners, Raffles Christian School worked together with Meikei school in Japan to give the opportunity for our students to participate in a Summer Immersion Program in Science and Technology at Tsukuba, Japan. Students got the opportunity to explore more about Japanese culture by staying in the Meikei school dormitory.
They also got the opportunity to learn Japanese etiquette and basic Japanese conversation.

Summer Immersion program really helped me to be more independent and more sociable with other people. At Meikei, I did not only join the regular class but I also learned about culture, technology, and good behavior (how to respect others). By joining this program you will be able to experience how Japanese people live.
Kayla (Secondary 3)

I feel exposed to the Japanese culture and felt challenged after the trip. It was really fun and enjoyable with the anticipation all around me. I feel immersed to this kind of connectivity and was headstrong. I learned how to grow up and to challenge myself to new events, I never did before. I learned that I have a really strong social skill.
Jasmine (Secondary 3)

This summer immersion program had made me became a better person and grow out of my comfort zone. It had taught me values such as discipline and independence. Which will become useful for the future. I had a lot of fun as well with friends from Raffles and people I met during the trip. They had not only provided memorable experiences, but they have also broaden my perspective on how different culture can be. I love how we had time to sped, lots of time with our friends, learn subjects academically and practice their culture. This trip is something I won’t forget and regret.
Clarissa (JC 1)

Fun, Exhilarating. The Summer Immersion Program trip was a one of a kind experience. There was first hand indulging in the Japanese customs and culture, especially with a buddy assigned to you, you’ll never feel lost or confused. You’ll feel at home right away, even without the luxury of our phones or wifi.
New friendships were formed and bonds were made tighter (especially when we have to share the same bathroom and a large onsen together at the same time) day by day. Even right now as I’m writing this, I could picture everything we did there so clearly. I missed the time when I was called ‘senpai’ or when my ‘kohai’ would walk ahead of me to open the door. I missed the stories they told so animatedly with their arms and their facial expressions especially when they met someone new. And I’ll definitely miss my buddy who cared so much and waited to see us leave even when our take off was delayed.
Jessica (JC 1)