Independence Day 2018

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The Pre-primary Independence Day was celebrated by giving the students an overview of the different cultures in different islands of Indonesia, namely Sumatra, Java and Papua.  Each island showcased its uniqueness through its food, music, clothing, artistry and its animals, including a brief history of the people who live there and how their way of life came about.  The children also got to experience the process of making batik and learning a simple Indonesian dance that uses “kuda lumping” as props wherein not only the children danced but the parents as well.  Part of the fun was playing traditional games like tug-of-war, bakiak, sack race and kerupuk eating.  And after all the activities, the children were given traditional snacks called ”ayam lemper” to enjoy.

The pre-primary department wishes to acknowledge our supportive parents who; despite their busy schedules, took time to plan and prepare the different exhibits, activities and food in each island to give an interactive experience to the children and making our celebration a most memorable one.  From all of us here in pre-primary, a big Thank You to all the parent-volunteers.  We’ll see you all in our next event, Latern Festival next month.