Games Festival 2017

Though it has only been a year since I took my studies and education in Raffles, nothing took my attention apart from Games Day, the mother of all challenges. A truly captivating tradition that the school celebrates every year, Games Day is essentially and unquestionably an event one needs to experience. Every year, the four grand houses: Philipp Gryphons, William Lions, Godric Unicorns and Dustan Tigers compete against each other in a tournament to prove their physical skills and abilities. It could simply be interpreted as Quidditch without brooms.

This year however, was a little bit unusual than before. It was probably the choice of place, and the different arrangement on the competitions itself, but the vibe was still the energy of hungry fighters, battling for that one big trophy, gleaming under the sun. Soccer, basketball, badminton and different kinds of races were held. It made everyone scratched themselves as the MC announced each winner for each game.


Thankfully, the grueling day ended with Unicorns as the winner, finally after seven years, followed by Lions, Gryphons and Tigers. The results may appear shameful, but the fight was certainly not, at the end of the day, everyone proved themselves better competitors.

The teachers excelled in making a very intense atmosphere throughout the event, especially the MCs. They were also very warmhearted and well trained in a way that they were able to assist lost students, and they knew very well of the surroundings. The dance performances were incredibly magnificent and unique, and the stadium was well built since it even had a track and running field, which widens up the varieties of games we had. Overall, this year’s Games Day was a blast, I hope to see something new next year!

Written by Agnes Filica Giovinna (Sec 2C)
Pictures taken by Jusuf Putrawan (Sec 4Sc2), Michael Widjaya (JC1A), Kevin Adriel Suryawarman (JC1B), Edwin Rangga Ardhana (JC1B)