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03 May 2018

Secondary 1 Learning Journey

In order to further support their interdisciplinary project on recycling waste, the Secondary 1 students went on a learning journey to two different sites. A group of students went to PT. Shinko Teknik Indonesia at Scientia Park to study the process of recycling organic waste into fuel pellets. The other group of students visited Bank Sampah My Darling in Menteng, where they had the hands-on experience of crafting used newspaper into art and upcycling plastic bottles into functional daily items. […]

25 Apr 2018

Speech Day 2018


25 Apr 2018

Mandarin Story-telling Competition

2018第一届“雅协∙培育”Daan Mogot City杯故事大王比赛 (2018“BKBPM∙Dharma Bangsa” Daan Mogot City Cup Mandarin Story-telling Master Competition)       由雅协及培育三语学校主办,Daan Mogot City赞助的第一届“雅协∙培育”Daan Mogot City杯故事大王比赛于四月七号在雅加达的Swiss-bel Hotel成功举办。此赛旨在推广印尼的中文教育,给本地学生提供一个更有趣的学习中文的机会,激发学生学习中文的积极性,加强学生口语的锻炼和能力。比赛对象为雅加达全市小学学生,分成四组:低龄母语组和非母语组,高龄母语组和非母语组。总共有12所学校参赛,参赛人数高达164名学生。 莱佛士基督学校,Pondok Indah校区,在这一次的讲故事比赛中拿到五个奖项,一个二等奖和四个优胜奖,参与的学生总共有九位。P2C的戎炫昱(Sunny),获得母语组二等奖;P2C的熊穗如(Celine)、陈宣宏(Mathew)、P2A的王冠儒(Kresna)和P5B的姚美丽(Natasya)获得非母语优胜奖。Jang Daniel、白森明(Cherry)、利清(Eva)和赵恩济(Eunje)也参与其中。 这是我校第一次参加校外的中文讲故事比赛,得奖丰富,师生们倍感兴奋。小朋友付出了努力,得到了奖励;没有得到奖项的同学,明年再接再厉。希望大家明年积极参与,得到更多的奖杯,为校争光。

28 Mar 2018

Upper Primary Learning Journey

On the 2nd of February, we, the P4 pupils, had our learning journey at Citra Alam Lakeside. Everyone was anticipating as to what we would discover and learn. We were instructed to be in school earlier than usual since the place is not that near from school. We were excited since we did not have any idea of what to expect for the day. Although we were given instructions on what to do in our learning journey, we were still […]

28 Feb 2018

JC1 Goes to Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre

When I was appointed to be one of the group leaders for the learning journey at Cisarua Refugee Learning Center, my mind was gripped with a dilemma as to whether I shall feel grateful and humbled to be given the opportunity to take on this responsibility or to feel wary about the social stigma that has been inculcated in me by the media about the topic of refugees. I must admit that initially, I did not have a clear perception […]

17 Nov 2017

Top Performers in Cambridge

Congratulations to all top performers!

06 Oct 2017

Teacher’s Day 2017

On October 5th, students and teachers of Raffles Christian School had the tremendous opportunity to celebrate “Teacher’s Day”, a day to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the teachers of our school for their exceptional contributions as educators in the Rafflesian family. All of the students were filled with vehement expressions of appreciation as they welcome all of the teachers inside the multi-purpose hall. “Thank you teachers!”, screamed all the students as teachers made their way to their seats. Furthermore, […]

11 Sep 2017

Open House

More information : http://pi.raffles-international.org/?page_id=781 or

08 Sep 2017

Pre-Primary Family Day

Pre-Primary Family Day was held last Friday, 8-September from 5pm to 8pm with the attendance of 114 parents and guests. As the second major event of the department for the term, it started off with the performances by the children from N1 to K2 levels. The delighted parents were very proud of their children as, for the first time, they performed in-front of an audience. There were games planned by the teachers for the parents and students that involved team […]

31 Aug 2017

Ignite the STEM in you

STEM Day is a yearly event highly anticipated by math and science enthusiasts. This year, though, was a little different. Instead of having a committee comprising only math and science teachers, the JC 2 students also lent a hand in organising the event. Having a fresher, young perspective on STEM resulted in a greater variety of games and activities, and an overall memorable day. The event kicked off with a game called Last Man Standing, in which students and faculty […]